1. La Maison dans Arbre – France 

Everyone wants to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. So today we want to focus on the search for a tree house in Europe. Is it Is located in a wine-tasting area? This adorable tiny “house in the vineyard” in France means perfect harmony with the environment. Three charming wooden cottages located above the tree which are ideal for families and groups of couples. These treehouse cottages are located in an ancient “wolf’s path” of the nineteenth century. 

Each cottage is lovingly designed and furnished with all the necessities. Each has a courtyard where you can relax and enjoy the view. Below is a double bed and two more wooden stairs to ensure a comfortable stay. 

Although the well-acclaimed vineyard in the vicinity is not the only work of Arbis. The Arcachon Basin, Europe’s longest sand dune, is not too far away. In the enchanting habitat of Arabis, there is also a local beekeeper who offers a sweet taste, as well as to visit the fence shops. 

You’ll want to get one of the three tree houses before they’re gone! 

2.The Owl Hut in Pommerieux, FRANCE 

The Treehouse Hotel would be a nice match for exploring the environment. That’s exactly what La Chuet in France is all about. It is Situated in a 25-hectare woodland in Pays de la Loire.  All hotel is located in ideal place in a French countryside for a weekend getaway with friends or a romantic vacation for a couple. 

There are three treehouses to choose from, as well as a wooden trailer that doubles as a beautiful home. The cabins are completely eco-friendly. There is no energy, so candles and lights are provided, and the shower is provided by a water reserve built into the cottage. They are completely insulated for that cold (romantic) night in winter. 

3. Treehotel in Harads, SWEDEN 

It’s in a quiet neighbourhood. Only 600 individuals live in this little town. There is no noise in this area. Natural picturesque area with a lot of natural beauty. 

This eco-friendly seven-room motel is furnished with a variety of decorations in each room. In the pine forest, the seven treehouse apartments are beautifully placed. Free WiFi is available in all seven rooms. Each home is distinct from the others, having its own unique style and personality. The’mirrorcube’ is a 4x4x4 metre cube with 100% mirror reflecting glass on the outside. It is nestled in the centre of trees. The inside is built of plywood and birch and has a double bed, toilet, lounge, and patio that can accommodate two people. Six windows provide a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. 

The Birdsnest room is another stunningly designed with an incredibly textured wooden shell. The interior is, of course, familiar and exclusive. A spacious area where a family of four can spread out comfortably. 

4. Treehouse at Cadmos Village Holiday Home in Komaji, Croatia 

A beautiful place to enjoy a holiday in a secluded environment in the picturesque region of the Oak forest in Croatia. This oak forest is just 30 minutes away from Dubrovnik. It is a rural environment. The name of the village is Cadmus. 

Accommodations are luxury accommodation. There is no shortage of luxuries to indulge in. A spectacular 7-meter-f-high roof provides a stunning view of the valley and a fully equipped kitchen and enough beds for six people to sit on.  

This is the ideal location for tourists who wish to learn about Croatian heritage, sample local cuisine, and relax in natural surroundings. Guests may view a wide selection of must-see places as well as local goods such as silk manufacturing. In addition, the property’s onsite adventure park is a major draw. The four zip-lines and the huge swing provide an adrenaline rush for visitors of all ages. The adventure add-ons are perhaps the only treehouse adventure add-ons in Europe! 

5. Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park, PORTUGAL 

This amazing tree home was constructed in such a way that architecturally planned and sophisticated adjectives would describe it. However, the building work did not follow the design. The tree homes have been constructed using a prototype lightweight, self-supporting design and are covered with locally sourced raw materials such as slate and wood. The tree homes are designed in such a manner that they are practically imperceptible, allowing the attention to remain on the century-old park surrounding the structure. 

This project’s development was also marked by a continual focus on sustainability and ecological. This goal is supported by the use of strengthened coatings and insulation, the reuse of Blackwater, and low-energy lighting systems based on LED technology. 

The tree homes have two windows on the inside, one viewing the forest life and the other in the top for stargazing. Each room also has a two-part bathroom, a kitchenette, a double bed, and a sofa. 

6. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Rovaniemi, FINLAND 

The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is a memorable hotel in the Finnish town of Rovaniemi. The hotel offers small, nest-like glasshouse suites with spectacular views of the surrounding woodland, the midnight sun, and the Northern lights. 

The hotel’s architecture has been meticulously considered, right down to the lighting, The hotel was build in such way that  the northern lights and other sky-lighting would be avaiable there.  All of the elegant structures are constructed from renewable Finnish wood and other polar components that have been generated in a sustainable manner. 

To improve calm and tranquilly, wake up to an innovative interior design using soothing, warm, natural materials mixed with light tones. Seven of the family-friendly Arctic TreeHouse apartments have a kitchenette, while the Arctic GlassHouses have two rooms that can comfortably sleep up to six people. A fireplace, sauna, and kitchenette are included in each GlassHouse cabin. This hotel is one of Europe’s greatest treehouse vacation spots.