10 best happiest countries to live

What is happiness ? Is it possible to measure the Happiness ? 

It’s difficult to quantify happiness because it’s a human emotion influenced by love, contentment, joy, or enthusiasm. Researchers, on the other hand, have created a technique for assessing happiness that can be used to evaluate happiness to some extent. Happiness is measured by psychologists using theoretical models. Happiness is viewed as a combination of positive activities and emotions in this concept. In this situation, three additional factors are taken into account: joy, commitment, and money. 

Remember that money cannot bring happiness. Being wealthy isn’t the only way to be content. Man can be happy without money if he lives in a safe and secure environment now and in the future. 

How many organizations exist to assess the happiness of countries around the globe? 

There are two reliable organizations in the world that measure and rank a country’s happiness. 

      1. UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network 

      2. The United Nations Development Program 

What methods did they use to assess the situation, and what was the outcome? 

The world happiness report , 2021 has been released by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Finland was also gain crowned as world’s happiest country.  

How the Index is made 

Life expectancy, social support, money, freedom, trust, health, and generosity are among the 6 (six) characteristics that influence a country’s happiness level. 

The association between well-being and covid-19 was examined in depth in this year’s report. It also aims to evaluate how governments around the world have handled with the Coronavirus, in order to explain why some countries have fared better than others. 

Why do they use these six factors to explain life Evaluation? 

The variables chosen reflect what has been determined to be essential in explaining national-level disparities in life evaluations in the study literature. Some key factors, such as unemployment or inequity, are missing because comparable international data for the entire sample of nations is not yet available. Because some are correlated with each other (or with other important factors for which we do not have measures), and in several cases there are likely to be two-way relationships between life, these variables are intended to illustrate important lines of correlation rather than to reflect clean casual estimates. 

Top 10 countries in the world  in their report are shown below :- 

The happiness study ranks the countries of the world on the basis of questions from the Gallup World Poll. 

Which is saddest country in the world ? 

Afghanistan is the saddest country in the world, followed by Zimbabwe (148), Rwanda (147), Botswana (146) and Lesotho (145).  

What is the safest country in the world ? 

Iceland is the safest country in the world by the ‘Global Peace Index’, 

Which country is No 1 in crime? 

With an index of 84.36 percent, Venezuela has the highest crime rate in the world. Homicides, armed robberies, and kidnappings have reached all-time highs. 

(A) Best 10 cleanest country in the world 

Denmark–RANK 1 ;  Luxembourg–RANK 2 ; Switzerland-RANK 3 ; United Kingdom- RANK 4 ; France–RANK 5 ; Austria-RANK 6 ; Finland-RANK 7; Sweden-RANK 8 ; Norway-RANK 9 ; Germany-RANK 10 

(B) ACCORDING TO THE 2018 REPORT  the top ten countries in the world  based on Education rankings are: 

Education plays a very important role in any countries, since a lack of education causes the poor and slow growth of a country, particularly where a developing country is concerned. Education is extremely important to all, and every individual must have a right to high-quality education so that they have better opportunities in life, including job opportunities and improved health. Education is very important for everyone.  Now-a days we cannot think our happiness without basic education.  

As of 2018, the top ten countries based on education rankings are: 

                                    BAR CHAT FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING 


Iceland had the best score of 1.66 points, while Yemen had the lowest score of -2.77 points. From 1996 through 2019, the indicator is accessible. A chart for all nations where data is available is shown below. 

Iceland –rank 1 ; 2. Liechtenstein-rank 2 ; Andorra—rank 3 ; Monaco-rank 4 ;  Singapore-rank 5 ; New Zealand-rank 6 ;  Aruba-rank 7 ; Luxembourg-rank 8 ;  Switzerland- rank 9 ; Macao-rank 10.  

(D) Top 10 overall Health care facilities available in the countries in the world 

It is the basic obligations of the Government of a nation to give great consideration framework with the goal that every resident consideration their wellbeing in their country.  The Health Care Index is a statistical measurement of the total quality of the health-care system, such as encompassing infrastructure, health-care professionals’ competencies (doctors, nurses, and other health-care employees and government readiness. Other factors included include the environment, access to clean water, sanitation, and the government’s willingness to impose sanctions on dangers such as tobacco use and obesity. 

                                   The following bar chat showing  score of Health care index  of to 10 countries  

 (E)The following 10 countries having the highest GDP in the world  

The GDP or gross domestic product of a country is calculated using, for a period of time or usually 1 year, the monetary value of the goods and services of a nation. This is an economic activity measure. This is then divided into the population of a given country to solve its per capita GDP. 

 GDP per capita is an important indicator of economic performance and an effective unit for comparing cross-country average living standards and economic well-being. GDP per capita is particularly effective when comparing one country with another, as it shows the comparative performance of countries. GDP growth per capita indicates growth in the economy and reflects growth in productivity. 

After four years, Finland has become the happiest country in the world. Such information has come up in an annual report called World Happiness Report courtesy of the United Nations. 

There are many reasons why people in three countries – Denmark, Finland and Norway – are happy,  Of these, crime is not so common in Finland.  That means Finland is a country of strict security.  The social system is also good.  Therefore, the people of that country feel safe on all sides and live in peace.  When it comes to choosing a happy country, the issues from A to E are considered.