The incident was in the British city of Cornwall. In Cornwall, England, an 83-year-old woman came down a ravine.  For over an hour she was missing. Neighbors were concerned that she would not be found. Finding no other alternative, neighbors had to call for her to be rescued by emergency services. 

Suddenly a passenger heard a loud sound of a meowing. The passer-by found the cat meowed because an old woman fell under a deep ravine of 70 feet.  It was beyond his capacity to rescue her.  He was looking for assistance in finding no other alternative. He saw the rescue team and told them that an old woman had fallen to a steam in detail. Rescuers saw the woman they’d look for. 

Rescuers lifted the woman up the ravine on a stretcher and took her to a hospital in an air ambulance for her treatment. She is in stable condition. 

One eye witness said that the piranha, cat’s name, was the real key to finding the woman. It is true that the emergency services cooperated but Piran did it immensely well. Otherwise, the result might have been worse. Piranha was the hero in the adventure. 

On the other hand, Bodmin Police, who helped in the rescue, agreed. “Piran the cat saved the day,” police said.