I admit that few images in this website are collected from internet( Public Domain ).I’m not trying to take any credit for this ( except for my own photos which are labelled as ©ra-re or ©2il.org ).

If anyhow your work is here and you want to remove it just send me an email with proper proof of ownership to contact@2il.org or fill this form

I will definitely act immediately (with in 24 hours your image /images will be deleted from this website after verification and to remove from Google index we need at least 14 days). This website just for sharing rare and interesting facts.
So please consider Fair Usage Policy before requesting to remove it.

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I always try to use CC licensed and Public Domain Photos and take permission if it is not licensed to reuse but as same images are found over internet through thousand of websites it is very tough work for me alone to find out the real owner. If anyhow I missed to inform you about your photos in this website kindly forgive me.

Please consider my usage as not to harm your work , just to share your work with rest of the world who are very much interested about your photos or topics..

All articles are written by gathering information from different confirmed websites .You may use information from here though I am not responsible if any wrong information accidentally given.
If you want to use my own photos (labelled with website name), you can use it but just tell me about your website name by filling the above form.

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