It’s always lovely to keep pets. People are used to the normal cats, and dogs but there are some people that keep weird pets believe it or not. Some of these pets are Hedgehogs where a typical hedgehog approximately weighs six ounces and two pounds. However, a hedgehog behavior is shaped through the owner’s interaction. Hedgehogs can also change their behaviors when they are in a new home. Unlike cats and dogs who have far that cause allergies, a hedgehog has spines that do not cause allergies. They are always mistaken for small porcupines but the two species are not related. Indeed they are a low-cost maintenance gentle pets, and handling of these animals should be done when they are at a young age so that it can adjust living with humans. However, it is illegal to keep a hedgehog pet in Washington D.C., New York City and other states.

A skunk can be a wonderful pet, and very intelligent their scent glands are also removed when they are around four weeks old so that the owner of the pets won’t have to live with the stench. They are active and playful always stealing items to make their beds softer and can be playful and headstrong. However loving and friendly, and can be trained. As cats eat a similar diet to ferrets that are a mix of fresh veggies and with a supplement of dry food. They also require several visits to veterinarians where they must be spayed in addition to having their sweat glands removed. Skunks are also illegal in some areas you should check the legal issues in your country so that you can be on the safe side keeping one as a pet.

Another is the Madagascar hissing cockroach some people don’t actually believe that it hisses they make this sound especially when disturbed and also the males hiss when courting females. They are one of the largest species of cockroaches and are excellent climbers which are reddish brown to black with no wings also they are hardly docile and thus can be handled well by a new owner. On the enclosure of the roaches one can apply petroleum jelly at the top couple inches of the enclosure so that they could not escape. As cockroaches like hiding, one should provide hiding places as simple as toilet paper rolls, driftwood and cork bark.

Sugar gliders are also kept as pets they are part of the possum family where the young are born immature and grow in a pouch on their mother’s abdomen. Thus, an average fully grown glider is about three ounces. They love to socialize, and actually when they are deprived of social interaction they can become depressed until a point where they die. In this case their owners should well interact with the animal they also have sharp teeth and can only bite when they get threatened.

Photos of The weirdest House Pets.