Majority of people in the world are afraid of aging, and thus, some researches have come up with natural ways that help us prevent aging. Experts have said that exercising or hard work which is engaging yourself in strenuous muscle work,  helps keep bone and muscle alignments at bay and can help one stay young long enough. However, there are several normal exercises that can be done in the house to help you prevent early aging like playing a brain games which are tennis, memorizing choreography and also dance classes. Getting found of squatting while you are picking things on the floor is good for your muscles though, it is essential that you know to do it well, for women it means turning your toes out slightly. That allows your femur to light up properly while men should squat with their toes forward.

Various foods also help resolve our aging problems, like citrus fruits. We are used to taking fruits but we should add more to our diet so that we can effectively slow down aging. Citrus fruits contain bioflavonoids and phytochemicals that increase cell turnover so that the older cells are encouraged to die off and get replaced by new ones. Moreover, nuts like almonds also offer anti-aging nutrients such as potassium which helps to keep our blood pressure at healthy levels, in this case nuts contain healthy fats where researchers believe that they help retain skin elasticity. So whole grains foods such as brown rice and wheat pasta which contain vitamin B and iron provide high levels of fiber thus this diet will prevent your body from stress and aging therefore gets reduced.

To avoid wrinkling, and keep your body healthy one can get fruit facials. One of amazing the fruits that can be used as facials is the banana which contains vitamin A, B, and E, which is good for the skin. It is mashed and applied on the face which works wonders on your skin. Likewise, an apple a day is said to keep the doctor away. Moreover applying a mixture of mashed apple, rose water, honey and ointment can create a great exfoliating mask in your skin that slow down aging. Papaya has been used since the day of our ancestors it contains antioxidants, and also a special enzyme that is called papain which kills dead cells and cures skin impurities. Whereas applying papaya milk or fresh papaya on your skin that helps to work wonders on it.

Finally, laughter is the easiest way that can help us prevent aging it is also the cheapest method which you get within yourself. Laughter reduces the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol and also health enhancing hormones such as endorphin, which cause stress lines and wrinkles. So the best way you can ensure to have laughter is to read jokes from a funny website or watch funny videos.

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