Addiction is the behavioral desire to engage in a particular behavior, some characteristics of addiction are obsessive and lack of control over one’s actions, however, an addiction can even go unnoticed like someone’s addiction in video games. They are becoming more detailed, complex and compelling to an international audience of players. In this generation, most teens prefer to play video games than engaging themselves to in real sports because the video games are seen to have greater strategic challenges and realistic characters. Though, all gamers are not addicts some know how to balance activities.

Pop music is one addiction that has affected most of our youths in the society today it tends to divide people into different ways. Every time you find that you are putting the same pop song repeatedly that’s an addiction hence, for someone who is addicted by pop music their brain is derived from the pleasure of predicting melodies as you listen. Where your mind will only set to like Pop music. It also causes internal conflicts that are the shame attached that is to rebel and social stigma. Researchers have found that the desire to listen to pop music induces the release of dopa-mine that is similar to reactions caused by drugs and sexual arousal.

Scientists don’t consider internet addictions a real addiction though it can be a true problem to some people. This addiction involves loss of appetite that is caused by too much concentration on the computer, and also, negative consequences at work. A certain study, showed that the internet could occupy 11 hours of an internet addict’s day. Through the internet, most people use virtual fantasy to connect with actual people through the internet. Thus, some online personas alter their identity and pretend they are someone else these people usually have low self-esteem and fear of disapproval. Such negativity can cause anxiety depression and clinical problems. However, some try to quit from their internet addiction which results to sadness loneliness anger and anxiety.

Food addiction is common in the today society it is called food disorder that is a real problem and affects three percent of adults in United States. Some people can’t control themselves around certain foods no matter how hard they try. The symptoms of this addiction are overeating when you are alone, and eating to ease emotions. In this case junk food has the highest rate of food addiction. You will notice that you have an addiction when you often guilty after eating some type of food, when you hide your unhealthy food consumption from others, and sometimes when you unable to control the consumption of unhealthy food knowing it is causing harm to you. Therefore, a food addiction can also be the same as the one for drugs.

Photos of Most Common Addictions that you might have and not realize.