Space is so vast that researchers are yet to explore many facts about the galaxies, stars, planets, meteorites, and many more. This article will help you to have a brief idea about the Top 10 interesting facts about the space that is not commonly well-known.

Let’s start and enjoy some time with space!!!!!!

1) Shhh!!! Space is silent.

silent space

Don’t try to make noise on space!! The space is quiet as there is no atmosphere in the space. Sounds has no medium to travel to be heard.

2) Can you count the stars blinking at you in the sky?

stars in sky

No one can count the stars in the sky or space as space is so vast. But researchers had made a way to count the stars which can be approximately 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars. They have concluded that there are 200-400 billion stars in our galaxy namely the Milky Way and we have billions of galaxies besides the Milky Way. So now you think, what can be the actual number of stars in space.

3) Pluto-the smallest planet.


If you want to travel to Pluto for a vacation, it will take 800 years to reach Pluto from our Earth. Can you believe it??

Let’s plan for another vacation.

4) Asteroid once in a year!!


We don’t know when the asteroid is coming and entering our Earth’s atmosphere and then vanishes before reaching us. This asteroid is nearly a size of a car.

5) Blue sunset on Mars.

blue sunset

As we all know sunset is the most dramatic thing that happens in a day. Just like that, we can observe that the sunset is blue from Mars because of the dust that makes blue near the Sun’s part of the sky. The day is visible red due to red dust on Mars.

6) Water floating in space???

Water floating in space


No, astronomers have found a vast water vapor cloud carrying 140 trillion times of the water than oceans on the earth. This can be the greatest discovery of water in near future.

7) A planet of Diamonds!!

diamond planet

Girls, hold your Heart. Can you imagine a planet with Diamonds?? Yes, we have a planet namely 55 Cancri e also called “Super-Earth” as it is twice the size of Earth. 55 Cancri e is mostly covered with graphite and diamonds. To pay a visit to this planet, you need to spend $12 million dollars for buying a space suit.