During this pandemic, when everyone is worried about the economic condition, you might have an urge to know about the top 5 richest women in the world. There was an old concept of refraining women in the house rather than exploring the world. But in this 21st century, we have a list of billionaires who are mostly women rather than men.

1) Francoise Bettencourt Meyers


Age: 68

World Rank: 12

Net Worth: 8,670 crores USD (as 2021 records)


In the year 1997, Bettencourt Meyers inherited the craftsmanship of business from her mother, Bettencourt Liliane and grandfather, Eugene Schueller who was the founder of a leading cosmetic brand namely L’Oréal. After heading 2020 with a decrease in sales by 6%, the stocks rose to 38% in the next year.

2) Alice Walton

Alice Walton

Age: 71

World Rank: 20

Net worth: 6,370 crores USD (as 2021 records)

Alice Walton had taken her father’s business namely Walmart and ranked first as the richest woman in the world but in some years, she had to leave her place to Bettencourt Meyers. Still, there is a 5% rise in the stock of Walmart which is approximately $7.4 billion in the year 2020. Suddenly she executed an amazing idea of free delivery as a part of Amazon Prime-like Membership which has given her a boom of 69% increase in sales in the last January.

3) MacKenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott,MacKenzie Bezos

Age: 51

World Rank:22

Net Worth: US$60.1 billion (as 2021 records)

After getting apart from Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon at the end of 2019, Mackenzie Scott became a role model during the pandemic. She simply donates $5.8 billion to 500 NGOs in the U.S in support of racial equality, public health, and many more. After getting married to her present husband, Dan Jewett, request to give away all her future.


4) Julia Koch

julia Koch

Age: 59

World Rank: 26

Net Worth: 4,670 crores USD (as 2021 records)

After the death of David Koch in 2019, Julia Koch inherited her future by a 42% stake in Koch industries. In the last year, Koch Industries became America’s largest private company per revenue. Besides Julia Koch, David’s elder brother, Charles also owns a 42% stake in the company.

5) Miriam Adelson

Miriam Adelson

Age: 75

World Rank: 36

Net Worth: 3,340 crores USD (as 2021 records)

In the year 2021, after the death of Sheldon Adelson at 87, his wife, Marian Adelson inherited his casino business and now owns a 56% stake in the casino. Due to lockdown, casinos and restaurants need to be closed, her business suffers a loss of US$985 million in the second quarter of 2020. This business suffered a loss of $1.69 billion at the end of the year.