When we travel to various places then there is always a question of- Which city is it?? Then we also can have an idea about the top five smallest cities in the world to visit.

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1) Hum


Location: Istria

Country: Croatia

Population: 30 people (as 2011 records)

Size: not yet defined

Hum, the smallest city located in northwest Croatia, has been recorded in the Guinness World Record Books. It sounds very interesting that a city is only having 30 people to live in.

You will be amazed to know about their spiced brandy commonly known as brandy. It has a church and a picture-like village namely kotli mainly known for its water mails and water-falls.

2) City of London


Location: London

Country: England

Population: 9,401 people (as 2016 records)

Size: 2.9 square kilometres

You might be wondering how can London with nearly 9million residents be recorded as the smallest city in the world. The “city of London” is a city that lies within London.

At the time of the Medieval period, London and the city of London were all same but as time flies, London grew its boundaries whereas the “city of London” remains the same. Additionally, the smallest London has its own rights, own Mayor along with police force in an area covering 2.0 square kilometers.

3) Adamstown


Location: Pitcairn Islands

Country: Pitcairn Islands

Population: 50 people (as 2019 records)

Size: 4.6 square kilometers

Adamstown is the only place in the Pitcairn islands to live facing the Pacific Ocean. It covers an area of 4.9 square kilometers with a number of tourist attractions likewise Bounty Bay, Pitcairn Island, museums, and many more.

Here, the residents are the descendants of the British crew who landed on the island in 1970. Adamstown is a city with only one general store for essential needs. They generally work three days a week for a living.

4) Vatican City


Location: Rome

Country: Italy

Population: 453 people (as 2019 records)

Size: 0.44 square kilometres

Vatican City is a sovereign city-state surrounded by Rome in Italy. This city is popular for its arts and beauty. It is a great place to attract tourists. This city mainly concentrates its population on nuns, priests, cardinals and other religious figures because it has a culture-belief based on pope and catholic churches.

5) St. Davis


Location: South Wales

Country: Wales

Population: 1,841 people (as 2011 records)

Size: 46.4 square kilometers

Comparing with the other small city namely St. Asaph in North Wales, St. Davis is the smallest in terms of size and population. This city is mainly surrounded by cathedrals and monasteries founded by St. Davis himself. This city leads a very happy and peaceful life with various restaurants, cafes, hotels, and beautiful galleries.