Here, you will find some amazing facts of the world which you never know. Let’s have a tour:

1) Snow in SaharaSeriously??? Impossible!!!

 How can snowfall be possible in the Sahara Desert located in North Africa in a place where rainfall is low? Firstly, in the year 1979, a snowstorm occurred and lasted for half an hour followed by snowfall in the recent year 2018 which had covered the Sahara Desert for one day.


2) Columbia’s Rainbow River

We are accustomed to have a view of colourful rainbow in the sky. But in Columbia, Cano Cristales has been named with “River of five colours”. This rainbow river is located in Colombia’s Serrania de la Macarena National Natural Park and famous for its bright and colourful river water due to the presence of Macarenia Clavigera, a plant in the river bed.

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3) An Earthquake proof city

Have you ever thought of an earthquake proof city?? In Peru, Macchu Pichu is an ancient Inca town that rests on top of two fault lines. In Macchu Pichu, the residents had created the city with an amazing engineering technique namely “ashlar masonry” with which rocks are cut and fit together without mortar. At the time of earthquake, the rocks are moved in its place following settling back to its original place.


4) Can a desert be a rainforest earlier??

We have an evidence to justify that the largest hot desert namely Sahara Desert was previously a dense and tropical rainforest. Near about 6,000 years ago this hot desert was a rainforest with intense high rainfall and thick vegetation.


5) Sudan has the greater pyramids!!-Not Egypt

We mostly connect pyramids with Egypt but in this world, there is another place namely Sudan located in Nubia has a double number of Pyramids nearly 255 than Egypt. After Egypt’s 25th dynasty, Nubians ran out to Sudan and formed the greater Pyramidal structures known as Kushite Kingdom.