When a person falls in love, he or she is blind to factors such as appearance, caste, country, and religion. We’ve also heard about animal love, which has a global following. Organizations exist as well. But if somebody has a thing for animals and birds, this is the place to be! Or do you want to get into a decent love affair? It’s uncommon to come across someone who is so supportive of love. 

 An ‘animal lover‘ just experienced that sensation in her bones. For the crime of animal loving, she has refused to enter a zoo. At the zoo, a woman fell in love with a chimpanzee. The young lady stated that she adores chimpanzee. Every week, she visits the chimpanzee. They exchange flying kisses as they meet on opposite sides of the glass. She regards the chimpanzee as his life companion. 

The zoo authorities have stood in the way of that love. The animal lover has been declared ‘forbidden’ in the zoo. 

The incident occurred in Belgium’s Antwerp Zoo. The 38-year-old chimpanzee named ‘cheetah’ lives at this zoo. Eddie Timmerman of Belgium has been a frequent visitor for the past four years and has spent a significant amount of time there. Despite her frequent visits, Eddie showed no interest in the zoo’s other cages. She used to approach the cheetah and take a position close it. They’d sit there for hours, exchanging ideas. They exchange flying kisses as they meet on opposite sides of the glass. 

Witnesses say they saw the two shake their heads and gesture. The incident was also monitored by the zoo authorities. They decided to rein in this ‘excessive kind of love’. Access to Addy’s Zoo was taken away. It is argued that the chimpanzee is to keep away from other chimpanzee, because of the human love seriously.  Moreover, other chimpanzees have begun to keep distance themselves from her. When the woman is not there, the chimpanzee known as ‘cheetah’ sits alone and depressed. Which is not desirable. 

Addie, on the other hand, refused to accept the zoo’s logic. The animal lover’s straightforward query is, “Every day, more people are watching the cheetah. But why bother me?” 

After revealing this subject, people are quite surprised how can one fall in love with an animal?