Statue Of Liberty Facts and Interesting History

The Statue Of Liberty is one of the must visited place in New York.

  • Location of Statue Of Liberty — Liberty Island, New York(Zip code – 10004). Google map Location — latitude 40.6895 degree and longitude -74.0440 degree

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  • Height –305 feet and 1 inch. from ground to tip of torch. Her’s nose length 4 ft 6 inch.
    Original height of her from heel to head 111 ft.
    Hand length is almost 16 ft 5 inches and foundation is 65 ft. Pedestal height is 89 ft .
    Eyes are 2.5 ft apart. Her Tablet is approximately 23 ft 7 in length and width 13 ft 7 in.
  • Weight
    Statue Of liberty weighs 0.45 million pounds or 204 metric tonnes
    27 metric tons copper and 113 metric tons steel used.
  • Designed by — Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (sculptor) and Gustave Eiffel (he also built Eiffel Tower) did the Iron Work inside the statue. Richard Morris Hunt -designer of the Pedestal Of The Statue Of Liberty
  • When was The Statue Of Liberty built and What was the purpose— On 100th anniversary of Independence of USA , It was a gift from French people to Americans and also to commemorate the friendship between two countries which established during the American Revolution.
    Work commenced in early 1870’s . Head and the torch-bearing arm completed with in 1875 and it was exhibited in International Fair in France.
    Due to lack of fund work of pedestal almost stopped 1885 (Previously it was decided that France would built the statue itself but USA would built the pedestal). Joseph Pulitzer , publisher of renowned news paper World, drove a campaign which was responded by 120,000 contributors and 100,000$ was collected.
    On 17th June, 1884, the statue was arrived in New York by French ship “Isere” in 300 pieces (packed in 214 wooden containers).
    After 2 yrs of re-assembling of the Statue, it was inaugurated by President Grover Cleveland in October 28th , 1886.
  • What is the statue of liberty made of—Support of skin was done By Iron bars and Copper was used for skin. Copper is 2.4 mm thick and total 300 sheets of copper was used. Copper turned green over time due to Oxidization. Gustave Eiffel was also used asbestos over skin to prevent galvanic effect .

    Pedestal was made off stone ( Granite) and concrete.

  • Why is the Statue Of Liberty green
    As this was coated with a thin layer copper which turned copper oxide after reaction with water and oxygen . This is called Patination. Copper Oxide is dull greenish grey colour.
  • 80km /hr winds may cause statue to swing 3 inches and torch 6 inches.
  • Symbols of the statue of liberty and what do they mean?
    Crown: 7 spikes in crown represts 7 seas and 7 continents.
    Torch : reflects original meaning of statue “Liberty Enlightening the World”
    Tablet : Book of law which meant that a nation should be ruled by uniform law for all.
    “JULY IV MDCCLXXVI” written over this Tablet which is USA independent day.
    Windows of the crown: 25 windows meant for the heaven’s rays of light.
    Posture : She is not standing still. Her gait as like she is moving forward. This means freedom of path without violence.
    Broken Chains : freedom.
    Granite Brick : 13 Granite Brick indicates 13 colonies of USA.
  • To reach head of the statue 354 steps you have to cross from pedestal.
  • Do you know That this statue was also used as lighthouse until 1986.
    The torch guided ships which were coming New York Harbor.
    It was also first electric light house.
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