US Airways Flight 1549 created a record in aviation history. This flight departured from La Guardia, New York airport to Douglas airport on 15th January, 2009 at around 3.25 pm EST with 5 crews and 150 passengers .
57 years old Capt. Chesley B Sullenberger was pilot in command.
He was fighter plain pilot and a safety expert and Glider pilot. He left United States Air Force in 1980 and join in airline. First officer Jeffery B Skiles, 49 with 3 other attendant Donna , Doreen and Sheila took off smoothly.
Airbus A320-314 with two GE engines reached 2700 feet and then capt. Chesley noticed a flock of Canada Geese coming towards them and they struck with their flight at an altitude of 2818 feet and 4.5 miles northwest to Lane 22 around 3.27 pm.

After that flight lost both engines and their speed decreased rapidly. Though at first flight 1549 continue to increased altitude but could’nt keep up that and eventually it came down at an alarming speed.
Capt Chesley took over the control. He had to control both his adrenaline rush and also the airplane.
Capt contacted with Air Traffic Control immediately.

Cactus 1549

– their code for emergency, he told to ATS Officer. ATS told them to turn the plain and come back to airport LaGuardia.
But they could’nt as they just drove their plane without engine and glided by their speed only.

So he decided to land over the Hudson river.
He told to passenger

“Brace For Impact”

Airbus A320-314 ditched over Hudson river at about 3.32 pm. Outside temperature was -7 degree Celsius and water was 2 degree Celsius.
Immediately evacuation started by local ferry and other boats. All 150 passenger was safely sent to hospital and only 2 was injured severely and one of them was flight attendant. Other passenger suffered minor hypothermia.

All 5 crews members was awarded Master’s Medal on 22nd jan by Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators.
New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave them Keys to City

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