Dragonfly Interesting Facts and photos

  • Dragonfly have six legs but it cannot walk.
  • It’s scientific name is Odonta which means “tooth jawed”
  • It have it’s larval stage (Nymph) in water. Nymphs are 20-50 mm long
    Female lay eggs over the water surface and they crawls out of the water after 15 times (approx) molting.It spend most of it’s life cycle in this stage (Nymph).
  • Nymph breathes through its anus (Yes It is true)
  • During Nymph stage it eats mosquito larva even tadpole.
  • 80-90 % larva cannot change to adult stage as most of them are eaten by other insects.
  • Dragonfly have good vision . They have 360 degree visual acuity (eye field) with their at least 30,000 lens.
  • Total no of species are 5000 aprox. Atleast 500 species are found in USA.
  • It is one of the old animal (almost 300 million years –Dinosaur’s time)
  • It can fly upto 50 km /hr. They have 2 pair of wings that’s why it’s speed is much more than any other insects
  • Male dragonflies are aggressive to other males for partner.
  • They are ectotherm like any other insect (that means they cannot regulate temperature).
  • A single dragonfly can eat 50 to 100 mosquito daily.
  • one dragonfly named as “globe skinner” had migrate 11,000 milles (Indian Ocean) and it is longest migration in insect kingdom.
  • Dragonfly in some culture consider as good symbol.
  • Photos Of Dragonfly

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