We spent a lot of hours about a third of our life time in sleeping. Sleep is important to human beings and most creatures in order to maintain our physiological and also psychological function. However, the longest time of sleep deprivation  is 11 days 24 minutes (264.4 days) which is a world record by Randy Gardner  (18 years old then).  Also there is another unconfirmed claim from an Australian National Sleep Research Project that it is 18 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes.

The results of the sleep deprivation by those record holder reported to have blurred vision, hallucinations, memory lapses and paranoia thus this explains to human beings the need to sleep. At different ages we need different hours of sleep, more  older, the more the hours of sleep needed. Most times after we are awake from sleep we feel more refreshed that is because our bodies release important hormones causing our cells to repair themselves, where also our brain recharges. Here are some mysterious things you have not discovered about your sleep.

The sense of smell does not affect our sleep not even the strongest smells can. Yet a sound is said to disrupt us from our sleep that means our ears are still at work even when we are asleep.  However, we can only dream of the faces we have ever seen, whether we remember the faces or not, one fascinating fact is that women have dreams equally about men and women while men dream 70% of their time about other men. Sometimes we get stressed and tend to think that alcohol will help us sleep better and forget about what we are going through. But instead alcohol increases the likelihood to have nightmares where we are most likely to wake up at the middle, of the night so our sleep is disrupted.

Thirty-three percent of the people who drink caffeinated beverages daily are susceptible to the risk of sleep apnea which is a disorder in breathing causing chronic snoring. Sometimes when we sleep we might end up having no dreams at all. Though for sure no one knows if other species do have dreams. The time during when there were black and white television, most people who watched dreamt in black and white however when evolution began, and there were colored televisions then people  dreamt in colored images. The blind people experience dreams involving smell, emotion, sound and touch instead of sight. Most times within 10 minutes of waking up we forget half of our dreams where within 20 minutes ninety percent of it is gone.

We can control our weight by the way we sleep. The lesser sleep you have the more you gain weight, where having more sleep then you tend to lose weight. It is seen that lack of sleep increases 25% hunger so you can burn calories by sleeping more. Merely sleeping after learning something new will increase your ability to remember it effectively.

Photos of Mysterious Things you should know About Sleep.