Sometimes we try to come up with creative solutions about our problems and we end up coming up with poor solutions. Creative thinking helps us come up with unique ways to overcome our odds it brings a vast array of opportunities that boosts the way we do things in various ways. Most probably creative thinking has to do with the state of mind rather than a specific tool of objects. So you have to be prepared to accord with challenges, problems and obstacles in your lives. As well I can show you how to come up with innovative solutions that will help solve your problems.

First you must understand your circumstance, problem and event so that you can realize the changes you need to implement. Therefore, to be creative you have to be observant and watch the way others are performing, also take notes so that you can keep in mind what you need to change or how you will think differently from the way other people are thinking. If possible you can tend to ask questions to the people, you are observing so that you can clearly understand what they are doing.  Afterwards take your time and think of potential solutions to your problems or challenges, and you will be able to arrive at an effective decision.

Being an effective creative thinker, you should have the willingness to embrace change, and look at things in a different perspective. Flexibility of mind is essential for us to achieve success thus admitting to doing things in diverse ways is a road to creative thinking. Learning something new each day about your problem it is important because it helps you, as well to approach your challenges from a different angle. Don’t set limits to how you are thinking trust your mind think and come up with solutions. Thoughts will always give you solutions, apply the acquired knowledge you gained then evaluate it, to test and the validity of the solutions. Also take time and develop a set of criteria that you will use to classify your solutions.

Finally, master the techniques and the changes you have made. Identifying the changes you have made, recall how you have dealt with the circumstance, ask yourself some questions related to your experiences during when you were trying to be a creative thinker, and they will help you remember the process you went through. Gather objective insights about the events within your reality and distinguish between facts and opinions. However, here are some techniques that you should know about creative thinking. Your mind works well early in the morning also a dim lighting makes you feel more relaxed, and exercise can improve the way you think.

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