People are always asking why it is so hard for men to cry, though scientists still insists that it is natural to cry even when culture still insists that men do not cry. In some cultures, it is also believed when men cry it is a sign of weakness. There is a song also written by Tom Douglas and Steve Seskin  “Grown men don’t cry” the song is an American country music, this shows that these men believe that this is the norm in their cultures. Most men have confessed that they cry with their hearts and rarely tears drop from their eyes even when stuck by sorrow. Different men have different feelings, and each react to the way their heart can control their feelings about sorrow or any other things.

Researchers have shown that we cry most in time of despair because it is the way our body shows that we need help. Our body is controlled by parasympathetic nervous system which is triggered by emotion. Men do not cry because they do not get emotional but it turns out that a testosterone can slow this system down and reduce one’s ability to cry. Though some people say that instead of feeling burdened by our changing emotional states that we should try accepting and outwitting them. In my opinion sometimes we push our emotions aside in a moment, and we end up creating barriers within ourselves.

The most recent Penn state research showed that men cry as a sign of honesty while women tears showed emotional weaknesses. In both sexes crying is acceptable often men have their personal reasons of not crying especially when there are hardships in the family they require not to cry in order to be strong for others like women that are so emotional. This means that they are not in denial but emotional unstable.

Some women raise their boys teaching them not to cry and that they are supposed to be bold and strong. However, other reasons why men do not cry it is because when they are growing up they do not see other men crying as often. Most men use fewer words and talk least in public unlike women who talk to draw others together, of which men feel safer not saying anything than annoying. In our cultures it is always believed that a man is supposed to take a bullet for the family or fix anything that gets broken. Moreover tears are our way of cleaning and lubricating yourself and there are more benefits like it helps us connect with others it also help in controlling your feelings and emotions that makes you move forward and keeps you strong in life. It also helps us letting go the hurt that we have and helps us end our suffering.

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