The human body is complex, and each day scientists are discovering something new about the human bodies. Various parts of the body have different functions. A woman’s heart will beat faster than that of men which means that a woman’s organs get more blood supply than the man’s hence the woman’s brain works faster than that of men. A human’s brain is eighty percent of water which is pink jelly-like organ. So next time you feel dehydrated take lots of water to keep your brain hydrated.

Unlike other organs the nose and ears continue growing in one’s entire life though one thing, about ears is that more earwax is produced when you are afraid than when you are not. Chemicals excreted to form ear wax could have no effects on your body. However, researchers say that the higher your I.Q., the more you dream as this may be true don’t take it as a sign you’re mentally lacking if you don’t have dreams because most of us don’t remember their dreams. Whereas our brains are more active during the night than during the day.

An average sneeze comes out of your mouth at 100 miles per hour while a couch comes out of your nose at 60 miles per hour. Scientists say that our ear wax comes out naturally, so it is not a good idea for us to remove it ourselves unless it is causing serious health problems. Because abnormalities in the inner ear can cause deafness, the ear wax helps protect the ear lobe by helping to lubricate it and to clean it of dirt and dust. Though excessive ear wax can also impair hearing especially when pressed hard at the ear lobe.

When one is in love their brain releases the same substance that of neurotransmitters and hormones that are released by amphetamines. Which leads to loss of sleep and appetite, an increased heart rate, and intense feelings of excitement. Also, loneliness is physical pain, so as you drive connect with others and seek companion so as to avoid pain of loneliness. The brain uses about twenty percent of your oxygen and caloric intake. However, it turns out that when you turn off your brain turns on. Moreover the brain itself does not feel pain though it can be the pain center when you cut your figure.

We lose fifty percent of scalp’s hair before it is apparent, and that is you will lose hundreds of hair daily, and you will lose a lot more without noticing. On the other hand human hair decays at a slow rate than it’s practically dis-integrative. As our hair is resistant in many ways it cannot be destroyed by climate change and is also resistant to many kinds of corrosive acids.

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