John cabot or Giovanni Caboto
John Cabot was famous as Italian Merchant, Explorer and navigator. His original name was Giovanni Caboto. ‘Caboto’ means “a coastal seaman”. He was born on 1450 and dead probably on 1499. He brought up in his early childhood at Genoa, Italy. As he wanted be a good sailor, he moved to Venice in 1461 at age 11 only. In 28 March, 1476, he get Venetian citizenship after 15 years in Venice as it was the minimum time period needed. He heavily involved in maritime trading ( specially trade in eastern Mediterranean, Venice main earning came from that trade). He learned spices trading from Guilo Caboto.In a document, It was found that, he was selling a slave in Crete, whom he had captured in Egypt.
In 1484, he married to Mattea and had three sons Ludovico, Sebastiano, and Sancto.

Venice was best known for map makers in that time , they had the knowledge about navigation,mathematics astronomy, cartography, and seamanship. He also learned all that skill during this year with great devotion.
Between 1488 to 1492 two events stirred him very much, first one is Bartholomeu Dias arrival to South Africa as first European and second was discovery of america “New World” by Christopher Columbus
In 1490 , he moved with his family to Bristol as it would help him to explore sea route North West and also to India and China and this city was one of the busiest port.
In 1496 , John Cabot request for a help to expeditise new route and also new world ( This documents was recently revealed by discovery teams) and in 1496 March 5 King Henry VII granted 50 nobels ( King was inspired by another Italian navigator success Christopher Columbus)

He embarked his ship, the Matthew, on 2nd May in 1497. This ship Matthew was a barque under 100 tons and crewed by 18 hands. It is known to have had a triangular lateen sail.
After 50 days in 1497 June 9 he reached “the New World” probably Cape Breton Island or Labrador
He started return voyage on 26 June and arrived Bristol in August.
He immediately become famous and king gifted him £10(august 6th) and pension of £20 a year.
3rd February , 1498 he was again granted for another expedition and started his voyage–1498 July 25 after assembling 5 ships and 300 men
He headed toward north and sailed along the east of America past Newfoundland, which Cabot named Bacallaos.
He continued his journey across Atlantic though his one ship was damaged and went back to Irish port.
He reached the Greenland which he named Labrador’s Land.
June 11, 1498 weather becomes very cool and his voyage became difficult due to iceberg. His fellow pilot refused to go further but he proceeded.
He crossed Davis Strait, Baffin Land to Newfoundland then followed the coast Nova Scotia. At this point the John Cabot ships sailed for England. Thier is no record of his death but his pension was continued till 1499…