• Matthew was John Cabot’s ship name. John Cabot’s was famous merchant and navigator who first found Newfoundland in 1497. He started his voyage from Bristol with his ship “Matthew”
  • Probably the name “Matthew” derived from his wife name “Mattea”
  • It was build in between March 1496 and May 1497
  • 80 feet in length and 50 tons in weight and 2500 square feet in sail area.
  • It embarked it’s journey may 1497.
  • Only 19 crew it had
  • Crew came from italy, england and france and it had also a doctor from Genoa, Italy.
  • John cabot was captain of this ship and second commander was Lancelot Thirkill.

Replica of Matthew

  • To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Cabot’s voyage, replica of the Matthew was built in Bristol by Storms’l Services, a precursor of the Bristol Classic Boat Company.
  • Colin Mudie–Designer.
  • On 24 June 1997 the replica of the Matthew was welcomed into port at Bonavista by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • On 29 February 2012 the Matthew’s ownership was transferred to The Matthew of Bristol Trust, and she was relocated to her new home outside Bristol’s M Shed museum.
    In June 2012 she will take part in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant on the River Thames.