Christopher Columbus was an explorer who is famous in history for discovering AMERICA.

    • Born-October 31, 1451
    • Birth place: Genoa, Italy
    • DEATH May 20, 1506
    • Father Domenico Colombo occupation- weaver
    • Wife–first wife Felipa Perestrello married in Portugal
    • Son- Diego Columbus, born about 1480,and Fernando was born 1488
    • First Voyage–as a teenager, he participated in trading voyages in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.(to the island of Khios, Greece, closest to Asia)..
      His first voyage into the Atlantic Ocean in 1476 was attacked by pirates near the coast of Portugal and he had to swim to shore and went to Lisbon, Portugal, where he married Felipa Perestrello. The couple had one son, Diego in about 1480. His wife Felipa died soon after and Columbus moved to Spain. He had a second son Fernando who was born out of wedlock in 1488 with Beatriz Enriquez de Arana.
    • He participated in others expeditions. Those expeditions were done for Africa. As Muslim dominated in the trade routes to India and China, it was becoming difficult day by day. Columbus believed that a trade route across the Atlantic would be quicker and safer, and he devised a plan to go west for reaching India and China.
    • Voyage to New World
      Columbus plan was rejected by Portuguese king, then Genoa and then to Venice.
      Spanish monarchy of Isabella of Castille and Ferdinand of Aragon was also skeptical about his plan but latter approved January of 1492.August of 1492 Columbus embarked from Spain, Santa Maria, with the ship Pinta and the Niña.
      36 days later , he reached Bahamas and made trade with their natives exchanging cotton balls, glass beads, parrots, and spearsHe continued journey, and visited the islands of Cuba and Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic)..but here the leaders of natives gave him little bit hurdle and the Santa Maria was wrecked by them..
      He built “Christmas Town” with lumber from the ship and 39 men stayed behind to occupy the settlement. and he returned to Spain in 1493 and warmly get welcome from royal court.