Babies are the most amazing creatures we have on earth they can neither harm anyone. Everyone would love a baby even when he or she would not want to have one in his or her live some people, even tend to think that babies do not think. The fact is that they think we are also discovering that babies know more and experience more. Seventy percent of the children who are three to four years old are said to have imaginary friends and the truth is that the children actually know that those friends are not real. They also imagine things like “what if this person was of my height?”

Babies at seven months also realize that peoples have goals when you go reach for something the baby knows that you want to grab it. The parents that experience their babies growing read a million messages into their babies. Some scientists say that when the babies shake their head to say no that is derived from turning their head from food. Also, a baby cannot taste salt where this may be related with the growth of the kidneys, which process sodium. New babies do not cry they always scream or holler if they need anything. Tears cannot be created until they are three weeks.

At around six months, babies are always twice their baby weight whereas every thirty minutes in china babies are born with birth defects where birth defects in china have increased by 40 percent since 2001. Most of the birth defects are brought by STD (sexually transmitted diseases) that can cause blindness, deafness. Pneumonia, low birth weight and even death. The mother should receive prenatal care and that includes screening for STD. However out of every one hundred newborn baby four to five discharge milk from their nipples due to mothers’ high levels of the hormones that leak across the placenta at pregnancy. Though premature babies never have the discharge.

Research has shown that a newborns brain is ten percent of its total body weight, and still lose all baby hair that they were born with. Hence, babies remember less at the age of three due to infantile amnesia. Babies also cry with  intonations of their mother tough and about two weeks the baby will recognize the mother’s voice. A mother should talk to the baby and make eye contact thus the love and affection can help the baby develop better. When babies are given different things it helps them stimulate their imagination, and this will help the baby have stored memories and images. Babies will also be fascinated by the mother’s face and will gaze at her in wonder which will show that the baby is making sense of features they see and the voice they hear.

Photos of Fascinating Facts about Babies.