A House that Play Music During Rain
Can you believe that?????
yes it is true!!!!
And you can visit in Germany Dresden’s “Court of Water” house.

Annette Paul and Christopher Rossner and Temple André designed this amazing house in 1999 after inspiring from St. Petersburg’s Rainy Theater.
This house collects rain water through funnel and then it passage by some metal tubes which again pouring down over some metal sheets.. This creates hydro music.
Tourists flocks here in every season just for this blue painted beautiful house.

This farm house is a part of Dresden Kunsthof which is designed by Heike Boettcher under Ginko project development. Another interesting parts of this house are
1>”Court of light”- 2 platforms and many projection screens allow multi-media theater performances and action.
2>”Farm animals”– green colored animal adorned wall (giraffe, monkey and crane ). The balconies are made ​​of wicker.
3>”Court of the mythical creatures” – Artist Viola Schöpe designed this 900 metres square wall which is a combination of sgraffito and mosaic with mythical creatures created.

Photos Of Musical House

Videos Of Dresden’s “Court of Water”