Higgs Boson particle , known as God Particle ,  finally discovered by the scientists in CERN, Geneva, Switzerland and officially it was declared on 4th july…
After 45 years of hunt for this elusive particle,  researchers have just came to a decision that “It exist” though it is not exactly same as described by Higgs but it’s characteristic very much similar to a particle which was described by scientist Dr Satyendranath Bose ( or boson particle).

However it’s a great achievement for 21st century and new era will begun from this discovery..

  • To discover this Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was set up and It is the largest and highest-energy particle accelerator in world till now —-Guinness Records (1)
    This LHC is also the largest machine ever built in history. CERN or European Organisation for Nuclear Research set up this giant collider in between 98 to 08 . Approxiamate cost is $4.5 billion and it is 27 km long under the ground of France and Swiss border.
  • To opposing proton beams can collide in an extremely high energy level and able to accelerate almost at speed of light ( needs 120 MW and 91 tonnes Helium to operate )..
  • Each Proton has 7TeV energy and combining this proton beams enegy are as much as to run 900 cars at a speed of 100km/hr.
    (This is the highest energy of any particle ever produced in Lab )
  • LHC ( Large Hadron Collider) is also world’s largest refrigerator.
    Total 9300 magnets are cooled down by 11 thousand tonnes of liquid nitrogen to a temperature to -193 C
    and after filling with 60 tonnes of Helium it also cooled further to -271 C
  • LHC is also world’s Longest Vaccum ( 54 km).
    This LHC had to operate in a negative vaccum zones as gas molecules may collide with proton beams .
    This Vaccum is also UHV or Ultra High vaccum and almost 6 times less pressure than the surface of moon.
  • Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) used in LHC is also makes Guinnes Records as heaviest particle detector ( 12, 500 tonnes and 21m long and 15 m wide and high in both..
  • Barrel Toroid used in LHC is also largest Superconducting magnet.
    25 m long and 5 m wide , it’s weights more than 100 tonnes. It operates around -270 C and use -4 tels magnetic field to bend the beams..
  • Antihydrogen (antiproton and anti electron) discovered in 2010 for and it persist for 1/10th fraction of a second.
  • Einstein theory of Relativity was questioned when neutrinos travelled faster than light after travelling to  OPERA detector from LHC in 60.7 billionths of a seconds.
    But due to faulty fibre optics and GPS failure this result was cancelled and scientists still believe Einstein was right.

Ok there are more facts but I just mention some of the facts which just entered in Guinness Database..

For More visit Guinness Website.

Photos of Large Hadron collider and Higgs Boson

Videos of Higgs Boson