King cobra is the longest venomous snake and it’s length can reach up to 18 ft.

  • scientific name — Ophiophagus hannah
  • weight-upto 9kg
  • Average life span-20 years
  • King cobra is Ophiophagus which means they eat other snake. But if food is scarce they may eat lizards, rats, and other small animals including chickens
  • This snakes are found predominantly in jungle of India, Indonesia , Philippines and other Southeast asia countries.
  • King cobra does not belongs to Cobra genera (Naja which consider true cobra). Though it is under the family of Elapidae but it’s under monotypic genus Ophiophagus
  • Heaviest King cobra recorded in history was 12kg which was kept in Royal Island Club in Singapore in 1951,
    and longest was 18.8 ft which was kept in London during World War II
  • Normal complexion is olive-green, tan, or black and it’s belly is pale yellow.
  • King Cobra has special sensory chemo-receptor like all other snake and it is called Jacobson’s organ. This receptor is present over the forked tongue and it helps to locate the position of it’s prey.
  • It’s “hiss” sound is much lower frequency than other snake ( while other snake sound frequency varies between 3500 Hz to 14000Hz with an average of 8000 Hz but it’s only 2400-2700 Hz)
  • Female lays 30-40 eggs and hatch them at around 28-30 degrees Celsius of 80 degrees Fahrenheit in a clear area prepared by covering with leaves and she stays with eggs for 55-80 days and then she leaves the area as her natural instinct may force her to eat this baby.
  • Venom–King Cobra famous for it’s venom. Though it’s venom not the most potent among snake but the amount they deliver which can kill 20 men or even an elephant. The toxin is neurotoxic which means they paralyse nervous system by blocking acetylcholine receptor.
    One bite of this snake can deliver 200-450 mg of venom or 7ml . LD50 (lethal dose) is 1.7 mg/kg of subcutaneous, 1.31 mg/kg of Intravenous and 1.644 mg/kg of Intraperitoneal

Photos Of King Cobra

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