It is one of the interesting fact Hamsters can run up to 8 miles in night time actually they are very energetic and capable animal to do that. According to experts it can run upto 9 km per night which is near about 5 and half miles. That is what super fit hamster can easily achieve more than this but not lesser than this.
Hamsters need to be active every time as well as super fit to gather their food from different areas they actually love to run at a faster pace at night than In day time .
Hamsters they are very active in the wild forest and run miles to gather food and store in clever cheeks. It is by their natural instinct that’s why to keep them active fury need to be kept in wheel’s to make them happy and energetic.
5½ miles is quite a longer distance for the human being to cover by running. The speed and consistency which it maintains it can easily cover some famous distances in its life time. A hamster can even cover the distance of Mount Everest within a small span of time you can say overnight