It is one of the most amazing fact of our human body that the saliva which is produced by our human body is capable enough to fill two swimming pools easily. The saliva actually helps in digestion of food and break the food particles in smaller granules. In case of any subduing pain saliva is better medicine than morphine to cure the pain easily. This property easily reflects that Saliva is not only a better for digestion but also a natural repellent of pains or it can be called as Natural pain killer.
Our Body is well equipped with infinite amount of saliva so as soon as we see yummy food or just feel hungry our mouth salivates. Now the question arises that what amount of Saliva our mouth produces because the amount of it produces in our lifetime is enough to fill up the swimming pool.
What amount of saliva our body produces depends on every human being’s individual’s fitness, lifestyle, age, sex, and many other factors.
On standard rate from 0.75 to 1.5litres of saliva a person can produce per day. On an average a man can produce 273.75 and 543.5 saliva litres per year.
If on an average if a person lives for 80 years then they can produce saliva almost around 21900 litres to 43800 litres of saliva which is capable enough to fill a pool of two Olympic pools.
99.5 percent is water and 0.5 percent is other substances like digestive enzymes, antibacterial compounds, electrolytes and mucus.
There are about 800 to 1000 salivary glands in our body but most of them are minor glands But the three most important glands which are responsible for producing most of your saliva in to your mouth are Parotid, Sub mandibular, and sub lingual glands.
Saliva keeps the mouth clean and tidy. It protects from foreign particles and micro organization.