Women brain size is smaller than male but women use their brain more efficiently than male. Female brain 8-10% smaller than male. Male brain has more grey matter , grey matter which is associated with thinking , while female has more white matter. Male brain has 4% more cell . But bigger the size of brain doesn’t mean more intelligence. Female use their brain more efficiently.
Woman works in a smarter way that involve less cell (and part) of brain that consumes less energy. It may sometimes lead to better results than male counterpart.
Scientists researched over Hippocampus (involve in processing memory and emotions) and found that even female with large hippocampus (of course smaller than male) doesn’t mean they are more intelligent than female with small hippocampus. Professor Robbins , involved in this study , told that smaller hippocampus means , compact packing of nerve cell and more active signaling in between nerve cell, which may help for efficient brain activity.

Isn’t it interesting ?

Photos of male and female brain