Myopia people are more intelligent. Yes myopia or nearsighted people have higher IQ .
Possible explanation is – 1> Some people suggest that it may be genetic, but no association has been established .
2> Scientist suggest that this relationship due to three F’s – Focus, Fabricate, Fear

Focus – you have focus much more in your attention to get clear image and idea than with good eye sighted people. You have practically less distarction than other. For example deaf people playing basket ball. They have just one attention to thorugh the ball in their target.

Fabricate – Myopic have to remember associate feature to remember a things. For example you visit a friend’s room but yet you can’t see properly everyone faces , so you have to remember their voices, surroundings things.

Fear .

3> Relationship with study – once a study was done , and it was found that myopics study average more than 11 years of schooling, while person with normal vision study only 10 years or less .

I am myopic too but I am not intelligent 🙂
Really interesting facts.

Photos of Myopia and Intelligence