Blue Whale is the largest and biggest animal in World.
It can grow up to 100 feet or almost 30Mt which almost twice the size of bus.
It can weigh almost 600 tonnes.
Its tongue weighs almost size of a medium size elephant.
almost 100 people can fit in their mouth. Yes hard to belive.

Blue Whale Heart is as big as 600 kg. and sometimes it may weigh more than 900 kg.
Daily meal they take as much as 3.5 tonnes.
Blue whale can communicate with other blue Whale → more than 1500 KM
Their sound is much more louder than jet engine.
But why blue Whale become so big than any other animal.
There is two theory. ① any live in sea and that’s why they have enough space to grow and enough food. ② The buoyancy effect helps them to grow. They don’t have to depend on spine or Skeleton.
Despite Such enormous size they only eat krill
At a time they eat a flock of krill with seawater and then they pump out the seawater and this is called “baleen”.

They are completely harmless to us , human being. But the opposite is not true. Before nineteenth century they were more than 300 thousands but soon as whaling become popular , their no decreased rapidly. Now they
are almost 2 thousands or less. Blue whale are difficult to measure because of its size and weigh. However Previously they weighed by measuring every single peices. But that don’t include blood or body fluid
Blue Whale New born baby is as big as small hippopotames.

Photos Of blue whale