Eating live food is considered a real delicacy in some parts of the word. The people that have eaten these live animals claim that they taste better than cooked meat. While others are even scared to touch the animals. Most people like eating fresh food but sometimes there is such thing as too fresh food. Eating live animals is not new to us because many cultures embrace it thus some of these animals are served at restaurants. In some countries, eating live animals is banned and considered animal cruelty particularly in Southeast Asia where many of these dishes are seafood related. Where Countries like China and Denmark people are allowed to eat the animals alive.

One of the animals eaten alive are the Ants which can be served in salads in a Copenhagen based restaurant. The salad is served with ants crawling in it, the ants are crunchy and also chilled so that they can move slower they are said to taste like lemongrass, ginger and cilantro the salad costs around $300. However in Japan a popular dish called Ying Yang fish which refers to dead and alive fish. This dish is served with the head still moving. It is prepared fast to ensure that the internal organs of the fish are not destroyed so that the fish can remain alive for around 30 minutes. There is also Ying Yang Yu, which is completely deep fried except for the still attached head.

The number of people who eat Oysters don’t even realize that the oysters are alive though it is sometimes difficult to tell. Most people that live near a beach claim this to be their favorite dish when eaten alive. Oysters are usually in a shell, yet their shell are cracked open to get the oyster.  Immediately they are taken off their shells they begin to die. They are served alive because they deteriorate so fast than most animals when dead. They are considered healthiest when served raw. Another animal served raw is the shrimp which is served in a bowl of Baijiu that is about sixty percent of alcohol. The animal is usually served mature rather than infants, and are very jumpy, so the customer served with this dish struggles to catch them and puts it in the mouth before it gets away.

Frogs are served raw and their heart beating and sometimes while the limbs are still moving they are eaten in countries like Japan, Vietnam and china. Some parts of the frog are removed and boiled in broth while the rest is sliced as and served as Sashimi and served on the frog. Some of these dishes are truly for the brave while they require you to suspend your inner cower-response to eating a living.

Photos of The Animals Eaten by Humans Alive.