Dust Cloud an amazing thing to watch

According to Chinese experts, this is due to the Gobi Desert.

The sky was filled with waves of dust. All you can see is dust. In China, a dust storm swept through a city.

In Dunhuang, on the coast of North-Western China, you’ll find a tiny town. By 3 pm on Sunday, the city was blanketed in a thick layer of enormous dust. All across the city, there were dust clouds. More than 300-foot average height.

As a result of dust and fog, visibility on the roadways is reduced. Even items 15 feet away could not be seen well, according to reports. In that circumstance, accidents might occur on the road. In order to prevent this, the police shuttered the city’s main thoroughfares. As a result of the dust storm, the city’s roadways were mostly blocked.

The Chinese city is located near the Gobi desert. Experts said that the situation in the Chinese city is due to the dust storm in the desert.

No damage was reported due to dust-clouds. No one was injured. However, the country’s air quality has deteriorated, according to the country’s environmentalists.