World Nature Conservation Day

Like every year we are observing the World Nature Conservation day in this year, 2021( 28th July). World Nature Conservation Day aims to promote public awareness about the significance of conserving natural resources and to make people more aware of the need for conservation of nature. Let’s learn about the history and significance of World Nature Conservation Day.

The United Nations celebrates World Conservation Day. Healthy environments are the cornerstone for a stable and productive civilization, which is why this day is celebrated every year. In addition, this day ensures the well-being of the present and future generations of humankind. The preservation of nature or the protection of our natural environment.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”? Mahatma Gandhi

To protect the present and future generations, it is important to establish a healthy ecosystem. In addition to deforestation, illicit wildlife trafficking, pollution, and the use of plastics and pesticides, nature faces a number of other dangers. Water, air, soil, minerals, plants, animals, food, etc. are some of the fundamental requirements of life given by the Earth. Keep the environment clean and healthy. The loss of nature is also due to industrial growth and other causes. Because the world is one and somehow linked, anything we do impacts the entire planet.

History of World Nature Conservation Day :

It is unknown to us when the Observation Day begun. Conservation Day is to unite and protect nature, not exploit it. The judicious management and exploitation of natural resources constitutes conservation of nature. Natural imbalances are causing a number of issues, such as global warming, different disease outbreaks, natural disasters and a rise in temperature.  As a result, it is vital to create awareness among people in all countries to help them realise the necessity of conserving and recycling natural resources.

Danger of Nature Pollution :

Waterways, soils and plants may all be affected by pollution. Pollution can also cause harm to humans. Lung cancer and other illnesses can result from exposure to air pollution over time. It is possible that some species are dangerous to consume because to toxic compounds that accumulate in top predators. More than a billion people lack access to clean water, and 2,4 billion lack appropriate sanitation, putting them at risk of catching fatal illnesses, according to the World Health Organization.

Plastic Pollution

Way to conserve our Environment:

Only Government or big organization are not only responsible to conserve our environment, all of us are also responsible to do this work in same degree or more. This is why all of us take great role to support the Pollution Control Board run by Government and follow the instruction and direction given by the organization so that we may save our god gifted nature.

1. As much as possible, buy reusable and biodegradable items. If at all feasible, recycle everything.

2. It is important to minimize the amount of water used in the production process.

3. Use less electricity. After using an electric device, switch it off when

you are finished using it. As a result, both energy and money may be


4. Plant trees to make the globe green and save the environment.

5. Vegetables may be grown in the garden. Chemicals and pesticides are

used to cultivate the veggies that are accessible on the market.

6. Save energy at home, work, and everywhere else.

• 7. When buying home or office equipment, look for the ENERGY STAR designation.

• 8. Whenever feasible, carpool, take public transportation, bike, or walk.

• 9. Follow gasoline refilling directions for optimal vapour recovery.

10. Consider purchasing portable gasoline containers labeled “spill-proof,” where available.

11. Tires should be adequately inflated before driving.

•12. Whenever feasible, use ecologically friendly paints and cleaning products.

13. Leaves and yard trash may be mulched or turned into compost.

14. Consider utilising gas logs instead of wood to heat your home instead of burning wood.