It was visible from a vast region of southern Scandinavia, where it was traveling at a pace of 16.3 kilometres per second.

Its a meteor

In the south-east, the night sky was abruptly lit up by a meteor. Meteors of this size are extremely rare. On social media, several footage of the incident were shared. In all of the videos, you can see light flashes. Several eyewitnesses reported seeing flashes of light as well as tremendous bangs of thunder.

During the burst of light, the police in Norway said they began getting several emergency calls. The event did not result in any reported injuries.

Nature of Meteors

Many scientists went in quest of the meteorite when it was verified. The meteorite is believed to have impacted a woodland near Oslo, the Norwegian capital. They usually leave the Earth’s atmosphere rapidly and burn up after entering it.

Speed Of The Meteor

“The sphere of fire” appeared in the sky at approximately one in the morning, according to the Norwegian Meteor network. For at least five seconds, it was apparent. In southern Scandinavia, the meteorite was spotted travelling at a speed of 18.3 kilometres per second (36,500 miles per hour).

Rekka’s wife was awake at the time, he said. He could feel the air vibrating as he walked. It sounded like an explosion to him.

Where it was fallen?

Experts have been despatched to the site of the meteorite’s alleged impact. In a forested region named Finemarca, 60 kilometres west of Oslo, the meteorite is believed to have fallen. Weight of the meteorite is estimated at 10 kg.

“The meteorite occurrence was odd, but not hazardous,” said Morten Bilet, an official with The Norwegian Meteor Network.

No damage done

Such meteor showers are unusual in the normal course of events. 1 600 people were hurt by a meteorite that struck Russia’s Ural Mountains earlier this year.