Niagara Falls is a natural admiration of the world that consists of three waterfalls which are across the international border of Canada and United States. They are at the southern end of the Niagara George. The three waterfalls are, Bridal Veil Falls, American falls and Horseshoe whereas the horse falls lie in the Canada side, and the American falls lie on the American side. Niagara Falls was created when water from the big lakes bound and formed a path through the Niagara Escarpment and through Atlantic Ocean. Although the Niagara Falls is not so high, it is amazingly wide which forms its beautiful nature. The valuable falls are a source of electric power, as the speed at which the river falls down creates a misty fog and a roar that can be heard from far away.

Toronto is an Amazing place to visit, and it is the most popular city in Canada which is located on the northwest show of Lake Ontario. It is the commercial Capital of Canada with largest banks in the Nation, businesses in the city, tourism, telecommunications, arts, publishing, media and transportation. There is no need to worry when you tour Toronto because there are luxury hotels that offer great services. There are also zoos available for those who like animals. Since the Toronto islands are very popular with great open spaces which is fun to bike and also go with kids. On the onshore on Lake Ontario in Toronto is the iconic CN tower which is a famous landmark, and the tallest tower in the world.

It’s not a mystery why Vancouver was chosen to host Olympic at 2010 it has a famous ski resort and a village Whistler . Moreover, Whistler has been important during the winter season, where in summer people do golf, and mountain biking it’s a good place for having fun. They also offer world class hotels, dining, with a beautiful mountain scenery. One on the Vancouver great attractions is the Stanley Park based on the West-side of the downtown area surrounded by Douglas fir and red cedar trees. At the sea wall there are lovely views of mountains and city, with a scenic drive through Stanley Park.

Not forgetting the Canadian museum for human rights, with inspiring stories that create great encounters for human rights. It is moreover, a center of learning and dialogue. Despite all, human rights are essential to us all and affect in our lives in different ways. The Canadians have a worldwide reputation of protecting the human rights, they always ensure that human rights are well protected and understood. The museum also helps us to know how to make a difference in our lives which probably can change some of our perspectives.

Photos of  The famous Tourist Spots in Canada.