Recently in China , a duck farmer has made history as he refused to give his land to government for highway.
His house images have recently circulated all over internet furiously.
But why this house is so interesting?
Because this Nail House is in the middle of an eastern Chinese city’s new main road.
House owner Luo Baogen was offered 220000 Yuan (35000 $) and later they increased the compensation to 260000 Yuan ( 41000 $ ).
But Luo’s was spent almost 600000 Yuan or 95000 $ to build this 5 stored house. That’s why he didn’t agree with such small compensation .

“We want a new house on a two-unit lot with simple interior decoration,”

He asked to government but they turned down.

“We cannot just give whatever he demands,” Luo Xuehua said. “That’s impossible.”

All other villagers of Xiayangzhang , although agreed and gave the land but luo’s firmly stand on his “NO”.
Often their family have faced violence and they have to awake even at night because the contractors can demolish the entire building with people alive inside.

They also set themselves in fire to protest . However their strong resistance forced the government of china to move the highway alongside of the house.

This is an incredible example in china, because people of china have very little chance to win against government and they can take extreme action to overcome any situation.

Still electricity and Water supply running in his house.

Xiayangzhang village chief Chen Xuecai ( cousin of Luo’s)said that

city planners decided that Luo’s village of 1,600 had to be moved for a new business district anchored by the train station and most families agreed to government-offered compensation in 2007.

UPDATE: Owners LUO takes compensation 260,000 Yuan or 41,750 $$ with Land and house demolished on Saturday 1 st December.

“It was never a final solution for us to live in a lone house in the middle of the road. After the government’s explanations, I finally decided to move.”

Village head Chen also said that Luo ( age 67 years) was tired by media and other people who want to help him.

“Luo Baogen received dozens of people from the media every day and his house stands in the centre of the road. So he decided to demolish the house,”

Photos of nail house