A 2-year-old child’s mother survived with the present intelligence of her child, praising social media and Railway Police Force of India 

A 2-year-old child saved his mother. The whole country is appreciating his present intellect. The incident took place at Moradabad station in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

Struggle of the mother

Their residence was at station. One mother has two sons. The mother used to put rice in the mouths of her two sons by begging. However, when the corona wave hit, the number of people at the station decreased. The begging bag is empty. There was nothing to earn. The mother suddenly fainted while not eating. 

RPF Noticed and Came

The 2-year-old child could not utter such words to make realizing what he is saying. Suddenly he saw some RPF patrolling the station. Leaving his younger brother with his mother, he ran towards them. The child tried by gesturing to RPF that his mother is not responding. After identifying the road, the child made the RPF to go to the lifeless body of his mother. When RPF got there, they saw a woman lying unconscious. 

Role of RPF Started

They arranged her treatment overnight. According to the doctors, their mother is saved. Videos of the incident, pictures are already viral on social media. Many people have praised the intelligence of the child. The doctor said that if it was late, there would be a big danger. Currently, RPF is taking care of two children. 

No trace of her husband was found

Who is the woman’s husband? It was not known. Their exact identities were not found. The police have started searching in this regard. It is learned that if the woman recovers, she will also be interrogated.