A fish that resembles a human! There are rows and rows of gleaming white teeth, and everyone is surprised to view the photos. 

Nathan Martin, a North Carolina fisherman from the United States, was thrilled when he caught a big fish. But when he saw the fish in his hand, he was startled. What the hell is going on? Like a person, a fish has rows upon rows of teeth on its face. Janet Pierre uploaded a photo of the fish on the internet. An image of it has gone viral. 

The name of this fish species is known as ‘Shipshid.‘ With white and black markings on their skin, these fish are also known as ‘Convicts.’ This variety of fish is often found in North Carolina’s seaside rock cracks. 

This sort of fish, according to fisheries specialists, is as omnivorous as humans. They generally weigh between two and a half and seven kilos. With the exception of North Carolina, the species is seldom encountered across the world. Experts say snails and oysters utilise their big front teeth to burst apart. They said that the tooth’s edge is as sharp as a piranha’s.