Interesting and funny facts –In our previous post we give some interesting facts which we may do not know but all this are true..Here we gives again another list of new weird and funny facts.

  • 1> Do you know that during sneezing all activities of your system including heart stopped for a while.
  • 2>Sneezing can ruptured blood vessels in your brain and eventually lead to death..
  • 3>As we know no two person in this world have same finger print, similarly tongue print also different in two
  • 4> square of 1 =1
    square of 11 = 121
    square of 111 = 12321
    square of 1111 = 1234321
    Likewise 111,111,111 square is = 12345678987654321
  • 5> Women blink more than men and study reveals that it may be twice ..
  • 6> Snail can sleep as long as three years.
  • 7>Do you ever try to sneeze while your eyes open. no that’s not possible.. because it is autonomic nervous system whic will close your eyes otherwise your eyes ball may go out
  • 8>Do you know blind people can dream–people who become blind after birth ( images in their memory) equally see dream during sleep.. And those who are born blind feel dream though they may not see any images but they feel by other perception like sound , touch and so on..
  • 9> People do not dreaming while they snoring.. and people spent more than 6yrs in their lifetime in dreaming
  • 10> Only 12 % people dream exclusively in black and white
  • 11> Recent studies suggest dreaming prevents different neuropsychiatric problem..
  • 12> In our dream we only see that anyhow we memorize during our life
  • 13>Do you know that Rhino horn are made up of hair ( which keratinised).
  • 14>Sound Travel 15 times faster in steel than air
  • 15>Americanium – 241 is a rare radioactive particle which is used in smoke detector..