Band Aid– Johnson & Johnson’s adhesive bandage crosses 91 years after it was invented by employee Earle Dickson..

  • This small medical devices sells more than 100 billion per year..
  • It also becomes the genericized trademark for any adhesive bandage in most countries
  • But the history behind it’s invention is also very much interesting…


  • It was 1921
  • Earle Dickson was a worker in Johnson for few years and his job was to buy cotton..
  • His wife Josephine Dickson was very clumsy and she frequently cut her finger in kitchen..
  • Earle Dickson was very much sympathize to her and decide to invent something that would not require separate gauze and adhesive tape (that time bandage made by separate piece and it was impossible do work with using that as it was fall off immediately )
  • He prepared a piece of bandage which is sterilised by crinoline and gauze attached in the middle of that and the entire bandage placed over a adhesive tape.
  • It worked out his purpose
  • He told the facts to his boss James Johnson and the latter immediately took the idea and decide to marketing that as a band name Band Aid®
  • The first Band aid was hand made and sold 15 for 2 cents only but it was quite large: 18 inches long and two-and-a-half inches wide.So it was not very popular at first and in 1924 when machine was introduced to produce it and it reduced price and size further. After that modification, It sales increased heavily
  • However It became popular in World war 2 after Johnson & Johnson gave free million Band Aids to soldier
  • Earle Dickson was became vice president of this company as his idea made this company a good profit and also made ahead of others competitors..



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