Zach Tahir has recently in headlines because this 5 yrs old boy has been affected by a very rare disease known as “Pica” means he cannot make difference between food and inedible things.

  • This child is from Salford, Greater Manchester.
  • He is also suffer from Autism and and speech difficulty..
  • His Mother Rachel(32 yrs) tries to raise fund ( £15,000) to build a ‘safe room’ for this little boy
  • She told

    “He eats almost anything – mud and moss, stones, carpet, grow bags, thread, paper, wallpaper and hair. He loves to climb on his windowsill and eat his black-out blind. He likes to have something to chew on at all times. It is not the taste he likes, but the texture.
    ‘It’s frustrating as Zach doesn’t speak – not one word – and meal times are a nightmare.
    He doesn’t sleep much and I get exhausted, but unlike other autistic children he loves to give me hugs and he dances.”

  • Zach is now living with his sister Isabella( 2 yrs) . His disease was first diagnosed at age 3 and Doctors believes that it s due to his autism..