Astrology is frequently used to foretell and predict future events. It can also be employed as a tool to resolve any type of problem relating to planetary placements. People have been enthralled by the idea that solar system planets may genuinely be able to predict the future for a very long time.

The Bhrigu Samhita, the earliest treatise on Jyotisar, was written during the Vedic period by the sage Bhrigu. One of the revered Saptarishi, or seven Vedic sages, Bhirgu is also known as the “Father of Hindu Astrology” and is a revered sage.

Some Indian colleges now offer graduate degrees in Hindu astrology as a result of the Andhra Pradesh High Court’s 2001 ruling in favour of astrology.

Kolkata’s Top 5 Astrologers

  1.  Dr. Sohini Sastri—There is no need for an elegant introduction for Dr. Sohini Sastri. She currently has the title of “India’s most searched astrologer.” Numerous national honours have been given to Dr. Sohini Sastri, who has also been named the “best astrologer in Delhi” and “best astrologer in India” by publications like the Times of India, Business Standard, Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala, and others. Additionally, she has received awards and honorary degrees including a doctorate and a D.Litt from numerous universities. Her impressive resume and accomplishments make her a popular choice for Bollywood celebs and well-known business people. She is the sole astrologer from West Bengal to have been named one of the Top 5 Astrologers in India by a number of top online polls and digital publications.
  2. Astrologer Shri Debjyoti.— One of the top astrologers in India is Dr. Shri Debi Jyoti, who provides excellent astrological services. He consistently makes accurate predictions that are true. He has aided many people in overcoming their challenges and leading prosperous lives. He is well-known in a number of disciplines, including conventional astrology, vaastu, numerology, palmistry, and colour therapy. He has spent many years helping individuals all over the world and has received numerous accolades for his work in resolving their problems.
  3. Dr Anjan Shastri — Astrologer-in-kolkata-top
    He has established himself as one of the most well-known astrologers, numerologists, palmists, and vastu consultants both domestically and abroad. In the fields of astrology, numerology, palmistry, and vaastu shastra, he has a wealth of experience. He is the first academician in India to have introduced astrology to the general populace with a completely new narrative to its highest level for gaining insights and prompt solutions to all problems in various areas of life, including career, romantic life (love and marriage), finance, health, profession, education, legal disputes, birth chart, horoscope, personalised yearly, monthly, and daily predictions, and other areas.
  4. Numerologist Dwwaipayan Chakraborty— His services include name correction, marriage matchmaking, business name correction, identifying appropriate commercial alliances, and many others. He is one of the most well-known and well-known Consultant Numerologists in Kolkata. He has a postgraduate degree in software engineering and has spent the majority of his career working on software development and training. The reports he provides are based on manual calculations; no software is used, no gemstone remedies are offered, and instead, cost-effective remedies using safe-to-use numeric Yantras combined with bracelets that should be worn on auspicious dates and times produce excellent results with a guarantee for a price that anyone can afford. Customers say he is very knowledgeable, explains everything clearly, and offers helpful solutions.
  5. Astrologer Samrat Bose— The best astrologer in Kolkata is Samrat Bose (Shastri), who maintains a regular office in Bowbazar and Kalighat in the city’s north. In addition, he has offices in Kolkata, Hooghli, Howrah, Durgapur, Siliguri, and Agartala throughout West Bengal and India. He sees astrologers in the UK and the UAE. He provides a wide range of astrology-related administrations based on client requirements. Being an expert in astrology prediction, he is prepared to offer advice on the great majority of celestial problems. The top astrologer in Kolkata is Samrat Bose (Shastri), who has a broad grasp of astrology, numerology, palmistry, colour therapy, tantra, psychic studies, gem stones, and more. He is an expert in palmistry. Samrat Bose, the best astrologer in Kolkata, believes in outcomes.