5 picnic spots near Kolkata – Festive Season is everywhere. We are welcoming the New Year.  Everyone wants to spend this time with joy, hope as well as full of happiness. Similarly, we can feel the cold in the air. This winter season is perfect for a picnic. Moreover, Christmas and New Year are here. However, it is the best time to enjoy yourself with your friends and family. If you are planning a picnic, then…

Here are 5 Picnic Spots near Kolkata, you can think of if you are planning to a picnic:

  1. Babur Hat

                        Babur Hat is a fantastic picnic spot near Kolkata which you can reach by car or by bus. Located about 50 km from Kolkata, Babur Hat is dominated by natural fishing lakes.  It is perfect if you are willing to spend your day amidst nature. This is a perfect place for a picnic with your family as well as you will get a village vibe there.

Distance From Kolkata: 48 km

How To Reach: 2 hours’ drive

Attractions: The fishing lakes maintained by local farmers who breed different species of Bengali fish naturally. You can also do fishing with proper permission.

2. Barrackpore

Barrackpore is one of the famous historical places near Kolkata Historically. The town was a military and administrative center under British rule. It was the scene of several acts of rebellion against Britain during the 19th century. So, there are many visited places in Barrackpore. Picnic Spots are not so far from the city. We all want to click some good pictures as a memory of our day. Moreover, you will find some beautiful photo shoot spots there too.

Distance From Kolkata:  33 km

How to Reach: There are many ways to reach here. You can travel by car, bus as well as train. The place is connected via roads. There are buses which run from Sealdah. Similarly, you can also come by train. From Sealdah to Barrackpore station.

Attractions: Mangal Pandey Garden Barrackpore, Gandhi Ghat, Sheoraphuli Ghat, Jawahar Kunj, and Annapurna Mandir

3. Chinsurah

  Chinsurah is a great one-day picnic spot near Kolkata since it is located by the banks of the Hooghly River. It is a small town located in the Hooghly district. You will get to see some beauty of Indian architecture as a result this is a perfect place for a picnic with your family or friends or colleges too. You can do many activities as well.

Distance From Kolkata: 53 km

How to Reach: There are a number of trains between Kolkata and Chinsurah. This is an amazing place for boat riding as a result, you can also travel by boat for a different experience.

Attractions: Hangseshwari Temple, Chinsurah Dutch Cemetery, Hooghly Imambara

4. Santragachi Lake

                                    Santragachi Lake is the perfect picnic spot near Kolkata which is located in Santragachi. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in West Bengal. You can head to this lake early morning as well as in the evening. The environment is peaceful. Above all if you are searching for a picnic spot that will be surrounded by nature, you can take an attempt.

Distance From Kolkata: 13 Km

How to Reach: You can hire a cab or take a local bus to Santragachi. Similarly, you can also travel by train. From Santagachi station it is about 5 minutes distance.

Attractions: Watch the beautiful sunrise and sunsets along with the birds and enjoy the beauty of Lake.

5. Taki

         Taki is located on the banks of the river Ichamati, it gives a glimpse of Bangladesh. You can even take a boat ride from this place. Taki is quite far away from Kolkata, so you have to do a long journey for that. The place is amazing. Moreover, you can add Taki to your one-day trip list.

Distance From Kolkata: 67 km

How to Reach: Take a train to Hasnabad or drive for 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Taki from Kolkata.

Attractions: Taki Eco Park, Mansion Puberabari, and you can do boating as well