There is nothing like a garden in a remote area to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of flowers? The rose is unique among flowers in terms of its beauty. It’s a lot of fun to have a BBQ with friends in the garden when the weather is nice, to sunbathe, and to take full use of the garden’s beauty. The most beautiful rose gardens on the planet are described here. 


In 1984, the rose garden was established in honour of Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier III’s wife. As a model, theatre performer, television actor, and Hollywood icon, Princess Grace has created a lasting legacy. She’s been dubbed the “classic Hitchcock blonde” and one of cinema’s and history’s most beautiful women. In the rose garden, where there are 4,000 roses, there is a statue of Princess Grace Case Vercad. This Park, located in the southeast part of Monaco, is a nice location to unwind after a day in Monte-Carlo. The rose garden, which is bordered by sculptures and shaded by palm and olive trees, features 300 different species of roses. 

In 2014, it was re-dedicated. An association called Les Amis de la Rosare Princess Grace de Monaco was created a year later, in June 2015. Eves Piaget, the heir to Swiss watchmaker Piaget SA, is the company’s president. A book about the history of rose gardens, as well as lessons on how to prune roses, is being published by the group. It will also hold a rose competition from around the world. 

2. ZAKIR HUSSAIN ROSE GARDEN Zakir Gulab Baag, Chandigarh 

Everyone is prepared to go on a tour. However, everyone has various interests. Someone wants to enjoy the magnificent plains in such a setting. Someone, on the other hand, like to work in an exciting environment. Someone is a huge fan of flowers. In that case, you might arrange a trip to Chandigarh’s Rose Garden if you also wish to see roses. There are approximately 825 species of flowers and 32,500 types of trees can be found here. 

The Rose Garden is spread out over around 30 acres. It has a number of entrance doors. This garden, which is surrounded by enormous trees, is the main attraction. There are a few clumps of trees under which one can sit and relax. As a result, a walking and jogging trail has been established here. This garden, which is also embellished with bright fountains, draws everyone’s attention. In the Rose Garden, there’s also a tiny lake that’s a lot of fun to look at. Various bird species can be found here. 

If you want to visit this garden, you can do so between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. In addition, you must pay an admission fee of approximately Rs 50 to enter. In such a case, you can stroll through this garden in complete comfort while admiring the various species of roses. 


The Botanical Garden, which was erected over 75 hectares (185 acres) of land for the 1976 Olympic Games, is one of the best rose gardens in the world. A total of 20,000 plant kinds are grown here. There are 10,000 rose plants in this area. Commercially important plants, medicinal herbs, alpine plants, woodland plants, ferns, bonsai, cactus and other succulents, begonias, auroids, bromeliads, gesnariads, and orchids are included among the gardens here. It also features a rock garden, a First Nations Park, and the University of Montreal’s Plant Biology Research Institute. This is where modern hybrid teas and floribunda varietals are made. 


In Japan, an amazing pink rose is being bred. It has a peach centre and a unique motorcycle pink and white outside! This peony-type garden rose, often known as “cherry blossom,” is perfect for fitting in with all the peachy-guava tones that have been fashionable throughout the years. There are 12 stalks each bunch, each measuring 40-55 cm in length. Introduces old rose varietals that, when it comes to perfume, often outperform odourless new hybrid versions. There are 200 unique rose species contributed by Sejo Suzuki, a world-famous twentieth-century rose breeder, as well as numerous Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian variations among the thousands of rose kinds. 


In 1931, the Rome Rose Garden Park was built. It is a public garden in the Italian city of Rome. There are around 1100 different rose varietals growing there. The Rome Rose Garden is a 10,000-square-meter garden with different types of roses in each section. In addition, the park features an experimental zone where novel rose kinds are evaluated for suitability in public and private gardens in Italy. Roses from the past, such as wild roses, early Roman roses, and Damascus roses, are occasionally dyed vibrant colours. In May, the annual rose-breeding competition takes place. The residents frequent a summer cocktail bar. 


On May 3, 1966, the park was classified as a protected area. In 1996, when Copenhagen was designated as a European cultural centre, the park was transformed into 17 circular themed gardens. The 12,000 roses arranged by colour in the pink flower bed are a regular feature of this vast municipal park’s rose garden. There are some exceptionally exquisite and little rose kinds there. In the rose garden, there is a playground where you may walk with little children. A cafe is also available. In August, the park conducts a rose display. 

7. Elizabeth Park Rose Garden 

In the centre of Elizabeth Park is the Helen S. Cannon Rose Garden. It was the first municipal rose garden in the United States, and it is now the country’s third largest rose garden. The park is spread out over 102 acres. It is the United States’ oldest municipal rose garden. The “square” acre and 132 rose beds make up the main garden. After the square, the save logo was created. Mr. Worth’s original design, which consisted of a square with a central circle and eight roads, has survived to this day. 

In an attractive atmosphere with Victorian arches, walkways, and greenhouses, the 2.5-acre rose garden offers over 15,000 antique and 800 modern species of roses. Weddings and wedding photos are popular at the Rose Garden. Elizabeth Park is a park in Queens, New York. 


The rose garden is London’s largest rose garden. There are 12000 roses planted there. There are 85 single-variety beds on exhibit, each with its own splash of colour. The rose “Royal Park” is in one of the beds. Delphinium Border, in addition to roses, has full national collection status. The Mediterranean Borders are well-established, and the Begonia Garden, with its 9,000 begonias, receives seasonal bedding twice a year. The wonderful views and scents of these magnificent plants are a big part of what makes visiting Queen Mary’s Gardens so enjoyable. Visitors can sit on the benches and take in the view of the garden. Climbing roses are woven in beautiful swaths along ropes. 


In 1914, the Rose Garden was established. There are many different types of roses, with a total number of roses of around 18000, which are best viewed around October. A lovely white iron bridge and busts of the world’s most famous writers may be found among the pink blooms, which contrast with avenues of purple jacaranda trees. In addition, there are scope of cycling, jogging and walking. When you are very tired, relax in the quiet rose garden of the city. This green park in Palermo Woods is colored with more than 1,000 species of roses. 


The roses – largely hybrid tea roses – in this area of the enormous Bois de Boulogne are spectacular, planted with classical French formality to create floral carpets in repeated patterns near a 1775 château. Scent-filled arbours are formed by rambling roses. There are many types of recreation such as giant trees and varied plant life, little bridges, rocks, caves, expanses of water and artificial waterfalls add to the charm and romantic aspect of the park. The spectacular rose garden, which features 10,000 rose bushes from 1,200 different species, is open to the public. Every June, a weekend of unique rose shows is organised, and the same month, a Chopin Festival takes place amid the blossoms.