Somalia is a little country in easternmost part of Africa.
After the civil war in 1991, there is no central government and small part of this country controlled by Transitional Federal Government ( internationally recognised ) and all other parts are totally lawless. It is one of the poorest country in world and in two decades war and internal violation has broken down it’s economy entirely.
Nature also deprives this country from sufficient rainfall several times during this period. In 1992 drought took almost 300,000 lives and in mid 2011 somalia again faced worst drought in last 60 yrs and till now there is  no adequate rainfall.
Out of 7.5 million total population almost 4 million are severely facing hunger.
United Nation have taken many operations in different parts of somalia but they needs funds . Though US already donates 1.6 billion $ (us) but it is only half. It is our responsibility to save them from this famine. So friends please donate as much as possible to save these little child.
These are not the images of only few affected child but almost 60-70 % child have same nutrition and health status.
Please share your thoughts with your friends and donate.
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