Goldfish is most common aquarium fish.

  • Family –Cyprinidae of order Cypriniformes.
  • Scientific Name – Carassius auratus auratus.
  • First domesticated in China thousands of year ago
  • Different combination of colours of Goldfish available — yellow, red, brown, orange and black
  • Common varieties in aquarium

  • Single Tailed Goldfish
    1>Comets– long thin single fin.
    2>Commons–short sleek tail fin.
    3>Shubunkins–slender body just like comets and common but red, yellow, violet coloured with few black spots ( Calico colours) and this colour extends upto fins.
  • Double Tailed Goldfish
    1> Wakins—body is similar with single tailed goldfish but fin is split ( not completely )..
    2> Jikins– white in colours with orange fins and gill plat but fins completely spliited.
  • Double Tailed with Dorsal Fin Goldfish
    1> Fantail—body egg shaped .

    2> Pearlscale — egg shaped with mid body is wider than other varieties..

    3> Oranda — body same as previous two but head is wider..

    4> Ryukin

    5> Moors — black and velvety colours with a eye of telescopic variety..

    6> Telescope– eye is telescopic and that’s why it’s name is telescopic..

    7> Pompom — it has nostril which is diffrent from others and it may haven’t fins..

    8> Demekin — Hybrid types in betwwen ryukin and a telescope goldfish..

    9> Veiltail–Long fins which droops the body of veilatil Goldfish..

  • Double Tailed with No Dorsal Fin Goldfish

    1> Eggfish — sometimes called as phoenix eggfish.. Long flowing fins.. no dorsal fins.

    2> Lionhead –NO dorsal fins. Body is much more straight..

    3> Ranchu —tail is 90degree to body or head.. similar to previous variety it is egg shaped and no dorsal fins.

    4> Celestial– eye pointing upwards.. otherwise similar to previous types..

    5> Bubble Eye— Fluid filled under eyes.. Special care should be taken to keep it in aquarium..

  • Related Species to gold fish

    Goldfish originally breaded from Prussian carp (Carassius auratus gibelio) ..
    Crucian carp (Carassius carassius) is also the closet species to gold fish..

    Mosquito control by Gold fish

    Goldfish , guppy and other carps help to reduce the no of mosquito larvae..

    Goldfish Memory
    Goldfish have good memories and they can retain it for more than three months and able to differentiate in-between different colours, sounds , foods…
    They have strong associative learning abilities and also social learning skills.

    Feeding Habits

    crustaceans, insects, and different plants.. Their food should have less protein but more carbohydrate..

    Photos Of GoldFish

    Please read wikipedia for more details of Goldfish
    Videos Of Goldfish in Aquarium