Tonkin or Dollman snub-nosed monkey – Almost going to extinct primate species.

Tonkin or Dollman monkey are one the 25th most endangered primate species in world.
They are found in Northern Vietnam. Once everybody believed they were extincted but in 1990 they were rediscovered in about 200 mt high tropical forest in Na Hang District in Tuyên Quang Province of Vietnam.
In 1993 they were estimated about total 72 ( may be 80 ) but unfortunately they were found only 17 in number in 2005.
Due to high valued in wildlife market , poachers killed them.
In 2008, 3 infants were discovered in a remote village.

Wildlife experts believe that they are no more than 250 in this world and may be extinct with in 3 -5 years if we don’t take any steps now.

Photos Of Tonkin / Dollman Snub Nosed Monkey