A smile is a facial expression that brings us happiness hence; our smile is boosted when we feel healthier. Most people have spent a lot of money trying to boost their health while smiling could be the easiest way to boost our health. Smiles have to be genuine so as to be effective. You can think of memories that will make you smile it is also a fun way to live longer.
Smiling has some benefits

• A smile can change your moods because research has shown that when you grin for 60 seconds no matter how fake it is your body releases serotonin which tricks the body into making you feel happy.
• When you smile you get an automatic face lift in this way, you will look younger.
• While smiling we always have a positive attitude which may increase life expectancy. Also, smiling will always give you success like if you go for an interview you are probably to be picked because it brings out the positive attitude in you.
• Smiling drops your blood pressure when you smile endorphins go up, and the blood pressure comes down.
• Research shows that we are more trustful of others when they smile genuinely. Trust enables us improve our social health especially when dealing with people.
• Smiling will increase productivity while performing tasks because people will notice that your attitude is positive, and they will want to inquire something from you. Or if you are doing business most people will want to purchase goods from you.
• Stress is reduced when we smile. Stress has caused a lot of diseases in our lives although when endorphins are released they diminish the stress hormones.
• A smile can reduce your heart rate and make your body relax that makes the heart not to overwork. Thus, you are less likely to develop a heart disease.
• Even when we are in a stressful condition, a smile can lessen our pain where endorphins could act as a natural painkiller.
• A smile shows that we care like when someone share to you a story you smile back to show sympathy.

Finally, we ought to smile because we have learned how a smile can make a great influence in our lives. Almost everyone wants s to live long, healthy life with productivity. This is the simplest way to attain our success. Every human has the power to smile so we should always influence others to smile, and thus helping them to overcome stress and the fears in their lives. You don’t have to be a comedian to make someone smile you can say to them something good or even crack a joke for them smile.

Photos of Reasons why we should Smile