Sushi is Japanese food that consists of vegetables, seafood, vinegared rice and sometimes tropical fruits, however, the ingredient that Sushi has in common is rice referred to as Shari. The word Sushi means a mixture of rice and vinegar it is served with raw fish that is sliced. Almost everyone who has ever eaten sushi loves the meal, which can also be addictive. It is a cultural, and an artistic meal, where originally Sushi began as a cheap snack which people could eat with their hands however at the time sushi rice was never eaten. Currently, the rice is eaten which should be chewy and sticky to touch and can be eaten with chopsticks.

Sushi chefs make fresh sushi products fresh daily from the store. These chefs are usually trained for their art to make the sushi rolls where they use great techniques like dipping their hands in cold water with vinegar that helps the fish to be cool and germ-free. The effort is done to provide their customers with germ-free, extremely tasty and fresh Sushi.

Here are some names that are associated with Sushi
Gari– is an intrinsic part of an authentic Sushi meal which acts as a palate cleanser between different types of sushi and also effective in fighting cold viruses.
Nori– is roasted seaweed used which is used to bind rice and fish together. It is a metabolism buster which is rich in minerals, vitamins and iodine. However, because of iodine one should consume a minimum amount of it.
Sashimi– is a delicacy of raw fish where the chefs keep the fish alive before it is served.

The raw fish in Sushi provides a nutritional value that is omega-3 fatty acids which contain the cardiovascular and neurological health benefits. Sushi serves in lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure also hardening of arteries. Soy sauce is used to dip Sushi before you just eat it and has nutrition health benefits where it is high in protein and iron. Also, effective in killing infections that should be avoided by people with high blood pressure. Unfortunately, people with diabetes type I or II should not eat sushi but Sashimi is Safe for them to eat.

For your levels of cholesterol to go down Sushi is a good idea which also helps you improve hormone balance and improve metabolism and can prevent certain cancers. There are elements that help improve immune system because of the antibacterial properties of Wasabi that comes handy when eating raw fish. Raw fish creates the ability of your body to function well and create new cells and improve energy efficiency. Finally, green tea is considered as an option to take with Sushi that is linked to improved digestion.

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